about us

Our origin

Our name ‘SustaiNet’ originates from a regional network of East African NGOs working in the field of sustainable agricultural development. In 2009, the network was registered as a Kenyan NGO under the name Sustainable Agriculture Information Initiative (SAII). In 2012, the SAII management decided to establish SustaiNet Group as a consultancy company to diversify and sustain income streams. The two entities continue to maintain close operational and programmatic linkages to mutual benefit. Visit SAII at www.sustainetea.org

Our Values and Approaches

Networking and Partnership

True to our ‘storyline’, we believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible agricultural and rural development. This belief forms the basis for the solutions we promote to our partners and clients and our own business practice. As an emerging company, partnering with like-minded companies is an integral part of our ambitious growth strategy.

Market-oriented agricultural and rural development

We believe that to contribute to economic and social development in an effective and sustainable manner, agricultural and rural development must be driven by entrepreneurship and private sector investment, which is environmentally and socially responsible, and guided by an effective public sector that provides policy direction, incentivizes responsible non-state actor investment, provides key infrastructure and services and enforces appropriate environmental and social safeguards

People-driven Development

We also believe that demand-driven solutions, social empowerment and capacity building to enhance technical, economic and social competence, resilience and networks are the most effective means to create the consensus and momentum needed to achieve fair and responsible agricultural development.

Innovation and Scalability

We recognize that projects should provoke change in society and not only among project beneficiaries for the duration of the project. Our entry strategy is our exit strategy therefore we aim to create local ownership and build capacity to innovate and scale to ensure that the project outcomes remain, or even grow, autonomously. We take a systemic view to rural development problems and therefore bring in multi-disciplinary teams to stimulate fresh thinking. 

Our Team

The core SustaiNet team currently comprise 13 staff organised in two teams – the Consultancy and Projects Team and the Compliance and Operational Support Team. In addition, our Consultancy and Projects Team includes highly qualified Senior Associates who provides programmatic and technical support to consultancy acquisition, project implementation and networking.

Tom Apina, Partner and Director
Consultancy and Projects
Tom heads SGL’s Compliance and Operational Support business. He has over 13 years working with international and regional agencies with a focus on value chain development; sector policy development; youth in agribusiness; training and capacity building, and; project-based M&E. Since 2017, Tom has served as Regional Director for East and Southern Africa for Cotton Expert House Africa, contributing sustainable development of the African cotton, textile and apparel sector. Tom’s country experience includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Ethiopia. He holds a M.Sc. Environmental and Bio Systems Engineering, a B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering and a Diploma in Project Management.Email: tom.apina@sustainetgroup.com
Jens Rydder, Partner and Director
  Consultancy and Projects
Jens heads SGL’s Consultancy and Project business. Since 2011, he has supported agricultural sector policy, planning, devolution and institutional development in Kenya, with a focus on market-orientation of Kenyan agriculture. This includes assignments for SIDA, GIZ, USAID and AGRA focused on support to inter-ministerial and intergovernmental coordination; value chain development, and capacity building for county agricultural sector management. From 2018, Jens has acted as Policy Advisor to the NDMA with a focus on institutional support to the EDE Strategy. Jens previously worked for CARE International and other agencies in Bhutan, Nepal, Denmark and Vietnam. Email: jens.rydder@sustainetgroup.com
Lennart Woltering, Partner and Director
Strategy and Innovation
Lennart heads the development and strengthening of SGL business strategies and innovation. From 2010-2016, Lennart worked in the Africa department of GFA Consulting Group GmbH in Hamburg preparing tenders and backstopping projects mostly for GIZ, KfW and SDC. Before then, he worked on research and development of solar drip irrigation and rain fed agriculture systems in West Africa. Currently assigned to the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Mexico, Lennart focus on scaling of innovations in agriculture to design and implement projects with transformational impact. Lennart holds an MSc in civil engineering/hydrology. Email: lennart.woltering@sustainetgroup.com
George Amollo
Business Development Manager, Consultancy & Projects
Business Development Manager
Karendi Gacheri
Finance and HR Manager, Compliance and Operational Support Services
Finance and HR Manager
Michael Wangonya
Program Manager, Sustainable Agriculture Information Initiative
Program Manager
Viva Thogori
Operations and Administration Officer, Compliance and Operational Support Services
Operations and Administration Officer
Glory Mugambi
Human Resource Officer, Compliance and Operational Support Services
HR Officer
Dorothy Masara
Knowledge Management officer, Strategy and Innovation
Knowledge Management Officer
Erick Oyombe
Assistant Finance and ICT Officer, Compliance and Operational Support Services
Assistant Finance and ICT officer
Stephen Otieno
Young Professional, Consultancy and Projects
Young Professional
Juliet Theuri
Administration Officer, Compliance and Operational Support Services
Administration Officer

Job and Consultancy Opportunities

Anyone interested in working with SustaiNet can send their CV to HR@sustainetgroup.com (staff positions) and consultancy@sustainetgroup.com. We are particularly interested in connecting with consultants with experience in the thematic areas in which we work, assignments with our current clients and partners and countries where we currently work.

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