A prosperous, proud and fair Africa where governments, businesses and communities offer sustainable opportunities for everyone to thrive

At Sustainet Group, we aim to contribute to this vision for Africa through the provision of innovative and Africa-anchored consultancy and business support services to companies and organizations committed to achieving responsible, sustainable development.

Since 2012, SustaiNet Group (now under the name SustaiNet Consulting) has offered development consulting services for the innovative, sustainable, and scalable transformation of agri-food systems 

Complementing our consultancy business, from the onset we have also offered compliance and business support services (HR, finance, relocation, etc.) to international consulting companies implementing projects in East Africa. Under the brand Vizuri360, this business has since early 2021 targeted any ‘like-minded’ company or organization wishing to start operations in East Africa.

In 2017, we established the Shiriki House Office Community to offer attractive co-working and private offices for companies and organizations sharing our desire to promote fair and sustainable development and subscribing to responsible business practice.

What we do


Scaling Sustainable Development in Africa

True to our ‘storyline’, we believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible agricultural and rural development.

We believe that to contribute to economic and social development in an effective and sustainable manner, agricultural and rural development must be driven by entrepreneurship and private sector investment.

We recognize that projects should provoke change in society and not only among project beneficiaries for the duration of the project.


Powering Responsible Business in Africa

Our services enable companies and organizations who start business and operate projects in Kenya and East Africa to reduce overheads, increase efficiency, ease global expansion, and focus on their core business, and we believe our local experience and knowledge enables our partners to make informed business decisions that enhance sustained business growth.

We work with clients who believe in fair and sustainable global development and responsible business practices. 


Hosting Responsible Businesses

Shiriki House offers light, dynamic, and friendly office spaces that provide for an effective and corporate working environment and create space for the exchange of ideas and opportunities between individuals, organizations, and businesses who subscribe to sustainable market-oriented development and responsible business practices.

Along these lines, we host companies and organizations providing cutting-edge services in SME financing, digital development solutions, green technology, climate justice, food systems development, public health, entrepreneurship and employment development and similar fields.

Our Partners and Directors

Tom Apina

CEO | Partner

Jens Rydder

Director | Partner

Lennart Woltering

Director | Partner

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