" Outsourcing our compliance and operational support services will enable your organisation to focus on your core business and hence cut down unnecessary costs attain efficiency, more productivity and sustainable growth."

We provide compliance and operational support services to international consultancy companies, research organizations, NGOs and businesses implementing projects in Kenya and other East African countries on a sub-contracting basis. Aside from providing cost-effective localized operational support solutions, we specifically help to ensure that our client’s local operations are compliant with local tax, labor law or other statutory requirements.​

payroll management

Sustainet Group will take up the task of salary and payroll matters, so that your company can concentrate on the core business. We will relieve your company of
the monotonous and tedious job of managing payrolls. Based on the clients’ project demands or assignment nature, the staff can be placed under our company’s

scope of payroll management

Payroll management

Our software system will process and electronically deposit employees net pay, prepare and print pay slips.


Maintaining the client’s payroll software.


Maintaining payroll records.


Provision of P9 forms to staff.


Preparation of Statutory deductions and other payables. Preparation of monthly overview of statutory deductions and other payables.


Providing monthly payroll journal.


Preparation of bank transfers/ net salaries.


Providing payroll reconciliation reports.

Tax compliance

• Verification of soft data provided against
physical invoices.
• Filing of VAT monthly return.
• Remittance of VAT payable.
• Maintaining VAT records.
• Ensure VAT compliance
• Provide professional advice on VAT
statutory changes.

Filing of monthly WHT.
• Timely remittance of WHT on behalf of Client.
• Ensure WHT compliance and represent Client
with revenue office/authorities.
• Maintain WHT records.

• Preparation of the income tax computations in accordance with tax
• Preparation of the income tax returns and filing with the revenue office.
• Timely advise the tax amounts payable and due dates as well as
assistance on tax remittances.
• Application and processing of tax compliance certificates.
• Attending to queries that may be raised by the revenue office in
relation to filed returns.

hr contracting/ staff outsourcing

By managing your workforce contracts provides an alternative to the high cost
of retaining full time labor and a more effective staff management system for
your workforce to meet your needs. With regards to your staff management,
recruitment and replacement needs, It becomes our issue and no longer yours.
We aim to provide high quality global HR services locally to companies in Kenya
and Africa at large, operating in sustainable agriculture and rural development.

accounting and financial management

i). Opening of bank accounts
ii). Introduction of authorized project staff to the bank as online platform users
iii). Periodic verification of bank statements for compliance
iv). Coordinating annual audits of the bank accounts
v). Provision of a link with the bank officials
vi). Accountability for account operations inquiries by the authorities
vii). Closure of bank accounts at the end of the projects

bank accounts operation services

Management of bank account users and rights
• Obtaining information required from client and remitting the same to
the bank.
• Submitting completed forms to bank for user addition/removal.
Coordination and payment of annual audits of the bank
• Provide necessary information & explanations as requested by auditors
on the bank account transactions
• Pay fees for audit of the bank accounts

Liaison with bank officials
• Support where communication is needed directly with the bank officials.
• Write to the bank on SGL letterhead where such communication is
requested to the bank.
• Make physical visits to the bank branch when required.
Accountability for account operation inquiries by the
• Represent client during assessments by authorities.
• Consolidate and submit requested information.
Closure of bank accounts
• On completion of the project or as requested by client, facilitate bank
account closure.
• Transfer surplus funds back to the client bank accounts after project

immigration and work permit support services

• Sustainet Group is an approved entity by the immigration department of the Kenyan government to offer
immigration support services to our international clients implementing projects in Kenya and Africa.
• We are duly authorized by the government to act on behalf of our clients and over the years we have had consistent success with all
our clients’ work permit approvals .
• Our turn around period for processing work permit is between 2 to 4-month, compared to direct application with the GoK, whose official
estimated timeframe is 6 months.
• We do not guarantee approval, since this is a government service. We however facilitate the process and do our best to ensure that
applications are approved and on time.
• We do not involve brokers or other agents. The process is solely done by the Sustainet staff only.
• We maintain a strict No-Facilitation-Fee Policy.

Company secretarial services

Meeting/statutory changes
• We attend meetings and prepare minutes on behalf of clients.
• Ensure statutory filings as required by the companies Act.
• Ensure changes in corporate structure are made and filed on time with
the Registrar of companies.
Corporate advisory and support systems
• Provide corporate advice on all secretarial matters on capitalization,
restructuring, mergers or amalgamations.
• Ensure that clients are well informed of the current changes in the
companies Act.
Governance and advisory services
• Governance audits.
• Board induction, composition appointment
ethics and standards.
• Board’s supervisory and oversite.
• Advising on good management.
cost ksh 60,000 excl Vat.

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