Consultancy and Projects

We believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible entrepreneur-driven agriculture and rural development sector driven development which is environmentally and socially sustainable. This belief forms the basis for the solutions we promote to our partners and clients and our own business practice.

Thematic Focus

Responsible market-oriented agricultural development

Value chain development/MSD

Demand-driven extension and financial services

Micro and small-scale enterprise development

Local value addition

Dryland resilience building

Socially inclusive growth

Smallholder market linkages/M4P

Agricultural employment and entrepreneurship for youth and women

Technical and vocational training and capacity building

Green Growth, NRM and Climate Services

Climate smart agriculture and rural development and innovation

Small-scale irrigation and water harvesting

Climate information services and agricultural advisories

Inclusive and transparent sector governance and institutions

Policy development, planning and monitoring

Decentralization, devolution and intergovernmental consultation

Institutional capacity for local government and service providers

Stakeholder inclusion and advocacy

Learning and efficiency

Project review and design


Up-scaling strategies

We provide technical outsourcing services on a sub-contracting basisto international consultancy companies, NGOs, research organisations and businesses exploring local and regional opportunities. 

Technical Support Service

Sourcing of Consultants

Fact Findings

Surveys and studies (design and logistics management)

Identification of local partners

Introduction to local decision-makers

Drafting of text for project documents, etc

Consultancies and Projects

We provide consulting and project implementation services in our own name or in consortia with Kenyan, regional and global corporate partners.