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'Essence of Shiriki'

In Kiswahili, ‘Shiriki’ refers to participation, union, and organization. In this spirit, Shiriki House offers light, dynamic, and friendly office spaces that provide an effective and corporate working environment and create space for exchanging ideas and opportunities among our clients. 

Shiriki House offers light, dynamic and friendly office spaces that provide for an effective and corporate working environment and create space for exchange of ideas and opportunities between individuals, organizations and businesses who subscribe to sustainable market-oriented development and responsible business practices. Along these lines, we host companies and organizations providing cutting-edge services in SME financing, digital development solutions, green technology, climate justice, food systems development, public health, entrepreneurship and employment development and similar fields.

We provide attractive fully furnished, private offices for our clients, with free access to common services and spaces such as the front office, meeting facilities, café, internet, security, etc Our flexible contractual terms allow for easy check-in and check-out and enable easy upscaling and downscaling as our clients grow their businesses. We currently operate two branches in attractive locations in Nairobi and in Kampala. 

Our Team

Jens Rydder

C.E.O & Director

Christopher Mwaura

Team Coordinator

Abigail Nanseera

Shiriki Lead Kampala

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