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We aim to contribute to this vision for Africa through the provision of innovative and Africa-anchored consultancy and business support services to companies and organizations committed to achieving responsible, sustainable development. 

True to our ‘storyline’, we believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible agricultural and rural development.

We believe that to contribute to economic and social development in an effective and sustainable manner, agricultural and rural development must be driven by entrepreneurship and private sector investment.

We recognize that projects should provoke change in society and not only among project beneficiaries for the duration of the project.

Resilient, sustainable and profitable agri-food systems

  • Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Dryland resilience building
  • Value chain development and M4P
  • Innovation, extension and scaling
  • Quality infrastructure and standards in agriculture

Inclusive entrepreneurship, skills and employment

  • Technical and vocational training
  • Capacity development
  • Coaching, mentoring and business development
  • Agricultural employment
  • Entrepreneurship for youth and women 

Inclusive governance and institutional development

  • Policy development,
  • Decentralization, devolution, and intergovernmental cooperation and coordination
  • Institutional capacity development
  • Stakeholder inclusion and advocacy

Our Team

Tom Apina

CEO | Technical Director

Lennart Woltering

Partner | Strategic Advisor

Fareen Kinyua

Acquisition Lead

Eva Rast

Project Management Consultant

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