Sectoral and Thematic Focus

We believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible entrepreneur-driven agriculture and rural development sector driven development which is environmentally and socially sustainable. This belief forms the basis for the solutions we promote to our partners and clients and our own business practice.

Effective agricultural and rural development

*Market-oriented agricultural value chain development

*Pluralistic and demand-driven delivery of agricultural and financial services

*Adaptation and effective uptake of technological innovations

*Local value addition and agro-processing 

Socially inclusive growth

*Small and medium scale agricultural enterprise development

*Agricultural employment for youth and women

*Youth entrepreneurship and agribusiness

*Technical training and capacity building

Green Growth and Climate Services

*Climate change adaptation and climate services

*Climate smart agriculture and rural development

*Localized renewable energy and mechanization solutions   

Inclusive and transparent sector governance and institutional development

*Stakeholder-driven coordination and governance at the sector and value chain level

*Policy development, rationalization and implementation

*Mechanisms for effective sector investment prioritization and planning

*Monitoring and evaluation for evidence-based and result-focused decision-making

*Decentralization, devolution and intergovernmental consultation for decision-making at lowest relevant level