Our Values

We believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible entrepreneur-driven agriculture and rural development sector driven development which is environmentally and socially sustainable. This belief forms the basis for the solutions we promote to our partners and clients and our own business practice. As an emerging company, partnering with like-minded companies is an integral part of our ambitious growth strategy.

We believe that in order to contribute to economic and social development in an effective and sustainable manner, agricultural and rural development must be driven by entrepreneurship and private sector investments, which are environmentally and socially responsible. Therefore, agricultural and rural development must:

  • Be economically viable through emphasis on commercial and entrepreneur-driven value chain development
  • Promote social inclusion, equity and local ownership of agriculture and rural development solutions
  • Emphasize sound environmental management for long term resilience

Achieving these triple wins requires a primary focus on enhancing the capacity of entrepreneurs and private sector to invest and succeed in agricultural production, value addition, trade and service delivery. Correspondingly, the primary role of the public sector is to provide overall policy and planning direction, create incentives to non-state actors to align investments with this policy direction, establish and enforce environmental and social safeguards, and facilitate provision of basic infrastructure and services. We also believe that demand-driven solutions, capacity building and partnership and networking are the most effective means to create the consensus and momentum needed to achieve this.

Our Strategies

We have high ambitions for future growth. Our growth strategy rests on these primary strategic directions:

  • Position SNG as preferred regional partner or sub-contractor in joint acquisitions with European companies through entry of framework agreements
  • Establish strategic partnerships with like-minded East-African companies and associates to maximise acquisition and geographical coverage
  • Build capacity and define SNG comparative advantage in provision of services to private agri-business and entrepreneur-driven value chain development
  • Consolidate SNG’s reputation as a reliable supplier of project support services and expand portfolio
  • Build organisational and legal presence in East-African countries through partnership and formal registration to broaden SNG’s geographical outreach

In order to build the internal resource base needed to achieve these ambitions, SNG recently expanded its ownership structure and capital base. Recently, SNG also strengthened its human resource base dedicated towards further building the organisation’s business development systems and capacities.