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Our Origin

Our name ‘SustaiNet’ originates from a regional network of East African NGOs working in the field of sustainable agricultural development. In 2009, the network was registered as a Kenyan NGO under the name Sustainable Agriculture Information Initiative (SAII). In 2012, the SAII management decided to establish SustaiNet Group as a consultancy company to diversify and sustain income streams. The two entities continue to maintain close operational and programmatic linkages to mutual benefit. Visit SAII at www.sustainetea.org.


Market-oriented agricultural and rural development

We believe that to contribute to economic and social development in an effective and sustainable manner, agricultural and rural development must be driven by entrepreneurship and private sector investment, which is environmentally and socially responsible, and guided by an effective public sector that provides policy direction, incentivizes responsible non-state actor investment, provides key infrastructure and services and enforces appropriate environmental and social safeguards 

Networking and Partnership

True to our ‘storyline’, we believe in partnership and networking as means to leverage competencies and resources for responsible agricultural and rural development. This belief forms the basis for the solutions we promote to our partners and clients and our own business practice. As an emerging company, partnering with like-minded companies is an integral part of our ambitious growth strategy.

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